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Paul  has had years of experience in the coach and passenger transport industry, holds the CPC Standard National Transport Managers qualification as well as the current Operators Licence for Freedom. Ilona has also had many years experience in customer  service ( holding a recognised qualification) and administration. We are both here to be of Service to you and create a relaxed atmosphere in order to get the most out of your excursion or holiday.
 As a husband and wife team we put have together a winning formula so that our Clients can distinctly benefit first class professional service as well as from the following:

  • Driving that is professional and of good quality
  • Reliable prompt and courteous service with an attention to detail
  • A coach which is presented in a clean and safe condition
  • A coach fitted with safety belts and air conditioning
  • £10 million public liability in place
  • London Emission Zone compliant coach with a low emission certificate for London travel
  • A full safety announcement carried out before we leave the departure point
  • The standard is high and monitored by the Department of Transport and Vosa
  • PSV Operators Licence No: 1100975
  • Any additional Driver required for the trip will have independently verified professional driving standards
  • The vehicle is maintained by Volvo Commercial to very high standards and has a safety check every 42 days
  • Paul, Ilona and any Driver with have a current Criminal Records Bureau check and ID card
  • On board Courier,  to assist you throughout of excursion/holiday
  • Member firm of the CPT (Confederation of Passenger Transport UK) Membership No: 11130.



Our Clients find our 57 seat luxury Volvo coaches, smooth, quiet, reliable and have the benefit of air conditioning.

Freedom Poole Coach Trips

Why not join us on one of our special days out or Theatre Trips. We assure you of a warm and friendly welcome, you will make friends, enjoy the atmosphere, be pampered and looked after.

Call Paul and Ilona at Freedom on 01202 660868 email us at info@freedom-poole.co.uk


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